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Cybersecurity Companies: Assessing Risk with Powerful Password Cracking


With client demands stacking up, information security companies need to crack without retooling secure environments. Forge is ready out of the box.


With Forge's automated cloud cluster creation, information security companies can demonstrate more powerful hashing capability and work on larger volumes of source material.


By using Forge in performing enterprise testing, security companies see an increase in successful tests and more accurate risk assessments.

Password Cracking using Forge

Our customers are challenged with offering a simple and reproducible workflow for cracking passwords across different projects and clients. The biggest challenge? Maintaining a working cracking system environment that can be learned and used by consultants without extensive training.

As new projects demand the time of the most experienced consultants, critical devops knowledge and attack creation skills are siloed and often unavailable. Our clients need a solution for anyone in their organization to perform regular password cracking without having to constantly retrain consultants on ad-hoc software and workflows, troubleshoot hardware and maintain system configuration--all while simultaneously updating and revising extensive technical documentation.

Implementation and Results in Days

Our clients employ uniquely talented and skilled professionals, but password cracking is often left to only one or two consultants who have the specific background knowledge and experience to do it. While our clients need to expand password cracking capabilities, many do not have the time or budget to offer on-demand, high-capacity cracking when consultants need it.

With Forge, our clients have a reliable, supported, password cracking workflow that allows consultants to spend more time with their clients. It allows consultants to use their time efficiently, demonstrate value to their clients with better results, and reduce the overhead and burden of system upkeep and unused resources. Consultants working with clients on a tight deadline no longer have to wait to get results. They can increase password cracking capacity with Forge cloud nodes when time-sensitive business is on the line.

Most importantly, Forge offers an easy-to-follow workflow that junior team members can learn and use immediately, thanks to powerful attack plan building and dictionary management capabilities.

New Business Opportunities

With Forge's ability to combine local and cloud-based compute and simplify hashing overall, our clients are able to flex consulting service capabilities previously limited by capital cost, training and maintenance limitations.

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