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Police & Law Enforcement: Conducting Thorough Investigations Using Digital Forensics


Forge supports decryption of over 200 different hash and file types, including Office documents, PDFs, ZIPs, RARs and VeraCrypt.


Forge enables your analysts to spend more time cracking cases that bring criminals to justice instead of supporting IT systems.


Whether you choose an on-premise system or Forge as a web service, you can maintain chain of custody and keep evidence safe.

Recovering Protected Data Using Forge

Consider the following scenario: Your overworked forensic examiners trudge through a large backlog of cases, while responding to shifting priorities and requests for updates from prosecutors and police officers.

Suddenly, one of your examiners comes across encrypted data that could crack open a big case. But, the one examiner who is the most experienced at password cracking is out preparing expert testimony for trial next week. Does this sound (too much) like your municipality or state lab?

Forge is the solution to this time-sensitive dilemma. With pre-built attack plans created by your own password specialists or with the help of our in-house experts, Forge allows forensic examiners and other law enforcement officials to submit and run cracking jobs at the push of a button without having to wait.

Speed up Data Recovery with GPU Acceleration Locally or in the Cloud

You can use your existing hardware resources with Forge to effectively recover encrypted data at the fastest speeds possible.

When an investigation calls for fast data recovery, Forge allows you to use hardware from Amazon AWS to speed up decryption.

Standardized Workflow for Data Recovery

Forge offers a standard workflow that enables more personnel to work through your digital forensics backlog.

With limited training you can onboard more team members in minutes.

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